On April 5-7, 2017 Women's Fund in Georgia organized first feminist festival in Kutaisi and dedicated to the 100th anniversary of establishment the first Georgian feminist newspaper Voice of Georgian Woman. Today, gender researchers, feminist activists, and artivists are resonators of this voice. They work hard to publicize women’s and gender issues through their media. 5-7 April, 2017 marks the date when the first feminist festival gathered these creators to celebrate 100 years from publication of the first feminist magazine in Georgia.

  1. Feminist Festival in Batumi

    24 July, 2019

    Women’s Fund in Georgia have held the third Feminist Festival in Batumi and dedicated it to solidarity.

    Why solidarity? Solidarity – the word, that everybody knows and uses so often, actually has a deeper meaning. Solidarity is not just a recognition of differences. It is more than tolerance, an active condition that requires good understanding of the hierarchy of oppression and responding to it accordingly.

  2. Telavi Feminist Festival "Oppression and Privilege”

    3 September, 2018

    On June 1-3, Feminist Festival with the title “Oppression and Privilege” was held in Telavi, Kakheti region of Georgia. It is the second year that the festival took place, the first one was held in Kutaisi in 2017 and was devoted to the 100 years anniversary of the first feminist newspaper “The Voice of a Georgian Woman”. The location of the festival was chosen due to the fact that Women’s Fund in Georgia is trying to decentralize its activities in the regions of Georgia and enable the dissemination of the information among the groups that might have less access to feminist knowledge.


  3. Women's Fund in Georgia and Feminist Festival

    31 July, 2017

    Women’s Fund in Georgia organized the first-ever Feminist Festival in Georgia on 5-7 April in Kutaisi to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first feminist newspaper, “The Voice of the Georgian Woman.” This newspaper was founded in 1917-18 by Kato Mikeladze, a feminist publicist and activist. All activities included in the festival were related to various forms of discrimination against women. 

    This three day festival aimed to underline the important cultural heritage of equality and justice which feminism has long had in Georgia.


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