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Women's rights and environmental justice II

1. Applicant: Nature Conservation Georgia (Dachi Shoshitashvili)

Project Title: Women for Conservation

Region: Tbilisi

Project duration: 6 months

Requested amount: 4500 Euros

The aim of the project is to empower women working in the field of biodiversity conservation. The objectives of the project are: empowering young women protectors of environment in the issues of  biodiversity conservation and advocacy; Providing theoretical knowledge to young women environmentalists for fieldwork; Facilitate the implementation of theoretical knowledge given to young women environmentalists in practice.


2. Applicant: Research Center for Observation of Human Rights and Social Justice, online publication and the association "Dioscuria" (Eliso Janashia)

Project Title: For Poti Children's Health and Life Rights

Region: Poti

Project duration: 7 months

Requested amount: 4500 Euros

Residents of Javakhishvili Street in Poti, near the port, have been complaining about air pollution for decades. They live near berths where are loaded the loads containing dust and heavy metals: aluminum oxide, sulfur, manganese, etc. The aim of the project is to study the amount of heavy metals in the blood of residents (children) of districts in the vicinity of the port and far from it.


3. Applicant: Vejini (Laura Kharitonashvili)

Project Title: Women of Iormughalno Community - for Environmental Security

Region: Gurjaani, village of Vejini

Project duration: 7 months

Requested amount: 4500 Euros

The aim of the project is to provide the Iormughalno community women, employed in agriculture, with relevant information on the importance of adhering to the permissible norms and rules of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which will help take preventive measures for public health protection and solve environmental problems in the region.

4. Applicant: Three Rabbits (Maka Kiladze)

Project Title: "Red Sun" (Working Title)

Region: Tbilisi

Project duration: 4 months

Requested amount: 4500 Euros

The main goal of the project is to raise awareness about environmental and gender issues through a short film of experimental dance, as art plays an important role in terms of social changes in society. The film is based on the character of a goddess who has a close and magical connection with nature. In addition, the aim of the film is to present and develop the field of experimental video art, which is a synthesis of various media: dance, music, film, painting, directing.


5. Applicant: Women for the Future of the Country (Khatuna Manjavidze)

Project Title: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs through Innovative Technologies

Region: Kharagauli

Project duration: 7 months

Requested amount: 4500 Euros

The aim of the project is to reduce the damage caused by the pandemic by using alternative energy, in particular, the installation of a virtual solar station connected to a 5 kW network; development of a kilowatt distribution mechanism for self-help group individual entrepreneur women. At the first stage of the project, a self-help group will be mobilized and a place (house roof, land area) will be selected for the installation of the solar station. After preparing the tender documents and putting out to tender, will be selected the company, which will install the virtual solar station.


6. Applicant: Freya (Ketevan Murghulia)

Project Title: Voice of Eco-Activist Women from Georgia

Region: City of Tbilisi

Project duration: 7 months

Requested amount: 4500 Euros

The aim of the project is to raise awareness among Georgian residents about eco-feminism and eco-activist women and accordingly increase the number of eco-activist women in Georgia. Objectives: Creation of a a Georgian language library and distribution of blogs on ecology and ecofeminism through social media campaign and information campaign in order to increase and make accessible the information in this field in Georgia; Increase the recognizability of eco-activist women in Georgia; Increasing the motivation of women living in Georgia for they become involved in eco-activism in the future themselves by telling the stories of certain role models.


7. Applicant: Education Specialist / Expert Women's Initiative Group (Ketevan Bakanidze)

Project Title: Online Sunday School for Azerbaijani and Armenian Beginner Female Teachers

Region: City of Tbilisi

Project duration: 5 months

Requested amount: 2995 Euros

The aim of the project is to raise the awareness of novice and ethnic minority female teachers about school hygiene, safe and healthy learning environment, hard work of women in family and household activities, basic everyday household and work hygiene, improperly managed waste, environmental pollution, chemical safety - by organizing an intensive Sunday school.


8. Applicant: Initiative group: "Women's Union" (Khanifa Afandieva)

Project Title: Let’s Protect the Environment Let’s Protect Our Future

Region: Khuldara and Molaoghli villages of Marneuli municipality

Project duration: 8 months

Requested amount: 4460 Euros

The villages of Molaoghli and Khuldara in Marneuli municipality have a common problem, they are separated by the river "Bunushchai". In the part of the river where three village roads of this community intersect, there is a landfill on the road itself. There are no garbage bins in the village, the population dumps garbage in the ravine near this river, which seriously pollutes the environment. There are insanitariness and health risks. The population does not have knowledge about the importance of protecting the environment and how to behave. The goals of the project are to raise public awareness on environmental issues; Initiate cooperation with local self-government to resolve this issue; Carry out cleaning works and planting of the river bank with the involvement of the local population.

9. Applicant: Pankisi Gorge Tourism and Development Association ”(Nazo Dakishvili)

Project Title: Economically Strong Women

Region: Akhmeta, village Jokolo

Project duration: 6 months

Requested amount: 4310 Euros

The project aims to provide the population with environmental information in the Pankisi Gorge and to establish a public monitoring system that will facilitate the exchange of information and the effective resolution of environmental issues and the informed involvement of the population in environmental issues.


10. Applicant: Platform for Social Dialogue (Natia Kekenadze)

Project Title: Green Politics, Space and Women: The Right to the City

Region: Tbilisi

Project duration: 7 months

Requested amount: 4500 GEL

The aim of the project is to study the needs of women in green spaces and to develop recommendations for facilitating women's involvement in the planning and renovation of green spaces, using the example of studying three recreational spaces in Tbilisi (Vake Park, Mziuri Park, April 9 Park).


11. Applicant: Women's Initiative Group "Women for Improving the Ecological Environment" (Mzia Kipshidze)

Project Title: Women for Improving the Community Environment

Region: Khashuri Municipality, Khalebi Sakrebulo, village  of Gharta

Project duration: 7 months

Amount requested: 4380

The aim of the project is to empower young women in the Tsromi, Khtsisi and Khalebi communities of Khashuri Municipality, to inform them about the implementation and role of environmental and ecological measures.


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