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Overcoming Hidden Forms of Violence against Women in the Regions of Georgia

1. Applicant: Let's do it together (Leila Ashordia), partner organization "Akhali Nateba" (Zugdidi)

Project Title: Cooperation for the Prevention of Covert Violence

Region: Imereti, Tskaltubo

Project duration: 6 months

Amount requested: GBP 5000

The goals of the project are to investigate the hidden forms of violence against women in Tskaltubo and Zugdidi municipalities and to advocate and lobby for violence prevention and victim assistance. The aim of the project is to improve the situation of women victims of violence through information work and active cooperation with local self-government.


2. Applicant: Council of Senior Women (Svetlana Borchashvili)

Project Title: Women in the Service of Women

Region: Akhmeta, village of Duisi

Project duration: 6 months

Amount requested: GBP 5000

The aim of the project is to raise the awareness of ethnic Azerbaijani women and young people living in the village of Karajala, to change their attitudes towards forms of discrimination, to promote their realization and opportunities increase in their community.


3. Applicant: Mtskheta-Mtianeti Committee of the National Network for Protection from Violence (Tamar Maisuradze)

Project title: Woman-Family-Society

Region: Town of Mtskheta

Project duration: 6 months

Amount requested: GBP 5000

The aim of the project is to protect the rights of women and girls, strengthen the Gender Equality Council and inform the public, women, youth and increase the involvement of local authorities in solving of problems.


4. Applicant: Young Feminists (Mariam Topchishvili)

Project Title: Salon Conversations

Region: Town of Gori

Project duration: 5 months

Amount requested: GBP 5000

The aim of the project is to inform the citizens living in Shida Kartli about women's rights and domestic violence; which includes information on the mechanisms for punishing of perpetrators as well as protection against violence and services available for victims of violence.


5. Applicant: Association "Gea XXI" (Ineza Badzaghua)

Project Title: Say No - "What Will People Say"

Region: Town of Zugdidi

Project duration: 8 months

Amount requested: GBP 5000

The aim of the project is to identify women victims of violence living in 10 villages of Samegrelo Zemo-Svaneti region and to improve their psychological climate. The objectives of the project are to establish women's clubs; Show performance; Magazine edition. The project will be implemented in Samegrelo Zemo-Svaneti region, 7 villages of Zugdidi municipality and 3 villages of Zemo Svaneti municipality. The women's clubs will be operational for 8 months and will carry out activities that will help identify hidden forms of violence against women and psychorehabilitate women victims of violence.

6. Applicant: Gypsy Women's Feminist Movement "Roma" (Kasandra Talakhadze)

Project Title: "Gypsy Feminist Women Against Violence"

Region: Gardabani, Vaziani

Project duration: 7 months

Amount requested: GBP 5,000

The project aims to increase the access of Gipsy women to justice; support the elimination of violence against women, strengthening of women in the skills and rights’ field with purpose of prevention from violence against women. Revealing, monitoring, documenting and responding to hidden facts of violence against Roma women and girls, advocating.



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