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Protection of Women's Labor Rights in Georgia

1. Applicant: Initiative Group “For Women's Rights” (Anna Shalikiani)

Project Title: For Women's Rights

Region: Kutaisi

Project duration: 7 months

Amount requested: 5696 Euros

The aim of the project is the legal and socio-economic empowerment of women employed in the service sector in Imereti municipalities.

The objectives of the project are: to raise awareness among women workers and employers about labor rights and obligations, work ethic and legal protection mechanisms; Raising awareness of gender equality, harassment and sexual harassment for both employed women and employers; encourage the creation of support networks for employed women.


2. Applicant: Civic Activities and Regional Development Center (Gvantsa Shishnashvili)

Project Title: Gender Policy in Kvemo Kartli Municipalities

Region: Town of Rustavi

Project duration: 8 months

Requested amount: 5545 Euros

The project aims to study and evaluate the gender policies of all seven municipalities in Kvemo Kartli, both in the public and private sectors. The specific goal of the project is to raise the awareness of employers and employees about women's labor rights, to increase their sensitivity about gender issues.


3. Applicant: Alik Media (Elza Torosyan)

Project Title: Supporting Gender Equality in the Workplace in Kvemo Kartli Region

Region: Kvemo Kartli

Project duration: 5 months

Requested amount: 5162 Euros

The project aim is empowerment of women against labor discrimination and

Prevention of gender-based violence for women by raising awareness about labor rights

in Kvemo Kartli region.


4. Applicant: Women for Regional Development (Maka Khetsuriani)

Project Title: A Woman More Informed about Labor Rights = More Protected Woman!

Region: City of Kutaisi

Project duration: 10 months

Requested amount: 5872 Euros

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of employees and employers about women's labor rights and gender equality through holding a training cycle in all twelve municipalities of Imereti region (Kutaisi, Baghdati, Khoni, Tskaltubo, Terjola, Samtredia, Vani, Tkibuli, Zestaponi, Sachkhere, Chiatura, Kharagauli)


5. Applicant: Woman and the World (Marine Bzhalava)

Project Title: Women's Coalition and Women's Radio WW for the Prevention of Gender Discrimination in Labor Relations

Region: Kvemo Kartli, Bolnisi

Project duration: 6 months

Requested amount: 5834 Euros

The project aims to support elimination of gender discrimination and sexual harassment in labor relations by involving women and raising public awareness.


6. Applicant: Successful Woman, Strong Society (Megi Ediberidze)

Project Title: Supporting Rural Women and Raising Awareness about Labor Rights

Region: Dmanisi, village Gantiadi

Project duration: 8 months

Requested amount: 4180 Euros

The aim of the project is to hold informational meetings on women's rights in pre-selected villages (Dmanisi is an ethnic municipality and includes Azerbaijani villages during the project implementation), to get to know each other and share ideas and thoughts, to provide them information on women's labor rights and advocacy.


7. Applicant: Shaumiani Community Education Center (Natia Okropiridze)

Project Title: We, Women Have Our Rights

Region: Marneuli, borough Shaumiani, former military base

Project duration: 7 months

Requested amount: 2961 Euros

The aim of the project is to introduce labor rights to employed and also job-seeking women and raise the level of their awareness. Kvemo Kartli is especially distinguished by ethnic diversity and it is very difficult for women to escape from traditions and false beliefs, the aim of the project is to enable employed women to protect their rights.


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