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Supporting Feminist Movement Building in Georgia

1.Applicant: The Roma union “Roma”

Project title: Assisting the development of Roma women’s feminist movement

Region: Dedopliscyaro, Choeti-leninovka village

Project’s duration: 8 months

Requested sum: $ 5000

The main cause of violence against women in the Roma community is gender inequality and the project’s goal is to combat this problem. Within the framework of the project, the organization’s staff will hold meetings in various places within the community, select active young women, a campaign exhibition will be arranged, training seminars will be held aimed at informing and raising awareness of Roma, identifying leaders and employing them. In addition the training seminars will assist the Roma people’s integration into society. The training seminars will be held in the Roma settlement of Vaziani village, in Gardabani region, also in Kutaisi, Kobuleti and Telavi. A video clip about Roma girls’ life will be made, a round table discussion will be arranged where representatives of the Roma community and government agencies will be invited.



2. Applicant: Initiative Group: Art for Women's Rights

Project title: Feminist tour

Region: Kutaisi

Project duration: 7 months

Requested sum: $ 5000

The aim of the project is to provoke a public conversation about feminism and women's rights in a place that has not traditionally been the venue for such a conversation. In this case - village buses. Discussing feminism and women's rights in rural buses will be with people we will never see in conference rooms, film screenings, seminars, and so on. These are women who are virtually unaware of their rights. They have neither the time nor the means to engage in events and are in a complete information vacuum. They will be able to voice their views in this environment and voice their opinion, listen to a competent speaker and receive important information.


3. Applicant: Social Workers Union

Project Title: School of Social Workers' Rights

Region: Tbilisi

Project Duration: 4 months

Requested sum: $ 5000

The aim of the project is to create a professional network of female employees and temporary unemployed social workers to supervise and respond to labor rights. Objectives: Recruitment and Identification of Social Workers, Re-training on Trade Union and Labor Rights, Identifying Leaders, Identifying Women's Needs, Analysis, Advocacy. Within the framework of the project it is planned to: find, connect with, a specialist in labor law, develop a training module on the professional rights of social workers on labor rights, retrain 5-7 employees in these areas; Mobilizing community of current and future (student) social workers throughout Eastern Georgia; There will be 10 one day training on labor rights in 8 regions of Georgia: Kakheti, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Kvemo Kartli, Shida Kartli, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Tbilisi, Adjara, Imereti and Samegrelo. Activities and goals of the independent trade union of social workers will be introduced.


4. Applicant: Women's gaze

Project Title: Strengthening the Georgian Feminist Agenda by Creating a Critical Feminist Media Platform

Region: Tbilisi

Project Duration: 4 months

Requested Sum: $ 5000

The women's movement is a rather fragile and unrelated unity that has no explicit political agenda and plan not only on narrow women's issues, but also in the context of actual political problems and conservative forces. In a highly polarized and politicized media, the women's movement is not positioned positively. The social media and television space has been plagued with disparaging and discrediting female activists and women's issues. A platform for women who speak political myths is less vital, less politically correct and highly politicized, with revolutionary language and deconstructing the public image of aggressor actors from a feminist perspective. The purpose of the project is Feminist analysis of conservative narratives powered by the media through podcasts. It also aims to display feminist criticism of all current political and social processes in the Georgian online media space.


5. Applicant: Initiative Group "Gorgons"

Project Title: A Mother - Human?!

Region: Tbilisi

Project Duration: 5 months

Requested sum: $ 5000

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of dual labor for women and young people aged 14-24. The project involves the creation of a comic book based on existing literature, research and statistics, that will explore the subject of day-to-day labor of a woman when she has to allocate time and resources to perform her functions equally well as a mother, daughter and wife within the socio-cultural context. The comics presents woman’s labor as a superpower, not as a role model but as a tiring, personality draining force, and the only solution is to redistribute that labor.

6. Applicant: Parent Support Center

Project Title: Working together to empower girls / women with disabilities

Region: Lanchkhuti, Chanchanti village

Project Duration: 5 months

Requested sum: $ 5000

The project aims to create equal opportunities and conditions for girls and women with disabilities in two municipalities of Kakheti and Guria (Ozurgeti, Chokhatauri, Telavi, Lagodekhi). The 2018 survey found a trend that among people with disabilites status is more often assigned to boys than girls. Granting status will increase women's access to social, health and education services. The objectives of the project are to: Increase the knowledge of girls / women with disabilities and their parents on the legal and educational aspects of girls' sexuality and reproductive health; Increase the knowledge of specialists working with girls / women with disabilities, public servants about the sexual needs of girls / women with disabilities and the legal aspects of these practices.

7. Applicant: Sapari

Project Title: Increasing Knowledge on Sex Crimes among Prosecutors and Judges

Region: Tbilisi

Project Duration: 7 months

Requested sum: $ 5000

Sapari’s long experience of working with victims of violence has led the organization to develop a project aimed at raising awareness of sexual offenses, as well as developing sensitivity of prosecutors and judges to this issue through a complex (comprehensive, multifaceted) approach. Within the framework of the project it is planned to: 1. Develop commentaries on the Georgian Criminal Code XXII, for which the organization plans to establish a working group with the participation of researchers and practitioners (prosecutors, judges, experts). 2. Conduct research on international definitions, glossary definitions, and best practices in this chapter. 3. Issue comments both in print and online (with a copy of 200). 4. Organize round table discussions with 10 judges (criminal law); Also, with 15 prosecutors.


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